Volume 5, 2017: Issue 2

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The importance of knowledge management systems for service industry companies operating locally and internationally


Marcin Soniewicki, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland


This article aims to analyze the role of knowledge management systems (KMS) in knowledge processes taking place in particular types of service industry companies operating in Poland and checks the importance of these tools for such firms’ competitiveness in the current globalized world. This study distinguishes among companies that operate only locally (in Poland), and those that are on particular levels of internationalization process. This article is based on quantitative research in which 381 service industry firms were examined. The analysis show relatively large differences in the intensity of KMS usage among particular groups of service industry companies. These tools are especially intensively used by information technology (IT) and telecommunication as well as transport companies, and, in turn, less intensively by real estate as well as hotel and restaurant enterprises. Analysis has also shown that intensity of KMS usage among firms on any level of internationalization is considerably higher than among those operating locally. However, the most important finding is that intensive use of KMS in service companies is associated with being more competitive than those using KMS less intensely, and this difference is statistically significant.


Knowledge management, knowledge management systems, information technology, IT, service industry, internationalization, competitiveness




Research paper


The Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM), ISSN: 2325-4688


International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM)


20 May 2017