Submission Guidelines

Electronic Submission: Authors submit their manuscripts (in MS Word Format) electronically using the OJAKM paper submission and review system.

Research Code of Conduct: Author(s) must comply with the "Publication Ethics & Research Code of Conduct" section on the journal homepage.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice: Author(s) must comply with all "Publication Ethics and Malpractice" guidelines.

Originality: Manuscripts must be the authors' original, unpublished work. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Copyright & Permissions: The manuscript does not infringe the copyright, or violate other rights, of any third party. Permissions to use reprinted material, adapted material, and material owned by other parties are the sole responsibility of the authors.
For additional information, consult with the "Publication Ethics & Research Code of Conduct" section on the journal homepage.

Submission Fees or Charges: There are no fees or charges required for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials in the journal.

Guidelines for Retracting or Correcting Articles: All previously published manuscripts in OJAKM will be subject to retracting and removal from the DOI database if valid allegations of the Publication Ethics and Malpractice infringement. Moreover, all previously published manuscripts in OJAKM will be corrected should adjustments and/or corrections are provided to the senior editorial team and deemed necessary.

Length: A manuscript's ideal length for the OJAKM is 10 to 20 pages, single-spaced including tables, figures, references, abstract and keywords list.

Column: Place text in one (1) column, full justification.

Margins: All four margins (top, bottom, left, & right) must be one (l) inch.

Typeface: The typeface text must be 12-point Times New Roman type for all text, single-spaced, with 6-point after the paragraph, non-indented.

Headings: Follow the guidelines for all headings levels indicated in the OJAKM template.

Page Numbers: DO NOT put page numbers at the top or bottom of the pages. These will be added (if the manuscript is accepted) during the publication process.

Title: The title must be in Verdana, 16-point, bold, left aligned, capitalize only the first word, with 18-point before and after the paragraph.

Authors: All names should be centered across the page, supplying the name, university affiliation, and e-mail address in l0-point type bold, italicized, Times News Roman. The e-mail address is to be in lowercase. FIRST SUBMISSION -- YOU MUST NOT INCLUDE THE AUTHOR(S)' NAME(S), AFFILIATION(S), etc.

Abstract: One paragraph (100 - 200 words)in italics, 10-point type immediately following the names of the authors.

Keywords: Select four to seven keywords that capture the essence of your paper.

Tables and Figures: The formatting of Tables and Figures is left largely up to the authors, but according to the examples in the OJAKM template. Tables and figures should be sized and placed in the body of the paper. Care should be taken so that tables and figures are not separated between pages. Generally, tables and figures should be in Times New Roman 9- to 12-point type, and table column headings should be in bold. Graphics should be clearly rendered so as to yield attractive, high resolution, and readable printed copies. Color graphics is permitted, however, care should be placed to ensure colors are vivid, and clear to distinguish between colors where appropriate. ALL GRAPHICS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE PAPER AND MUST BE ROYALTY FREE. NO CAPTURED GRAPHICS FROM OTHER SOURCES PERMITTED even if the other source is cited to avoid violation of copyright laws. Table caption should be noted in Times New Roman 12-point type, left aligned, above the table, numbered, and pointed to it from the text (See Table 1). Figure caption should be noted in Times New Roman 12-point type, centered aligned, below the figure, numbered, and pointed to it from the text (See Figure 1).

References: The current APA formatting guidelines are used to make internal citations within the body as well as provide the complete alphabetic list of reference citations at the end of the paper. The References list contains only works cited in the paper and all works cited in the paper must be listed in the References section. Please refer to for a sample of APA Reference Style Guide.

Footnotes: NOT permitted.

Modifed: Sep 2, 2020.