Volume 7, 2019: Issue 1

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Revisiting automated project management in the digital age – a survey of AI approaches


Gunnar Auth, Leipzig University of Telecommunications, Germany

Oliver Jokisch, Leipzig University of Telecommunications, Germany

Christian Dürk, Corivus AG, Germany


In this decade, remarkable progress has been made in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Inspired by well-known services of cognitive assistance systems such as IBM Watson, Apple's Siri or Google Duplex, AI concepts and algorithms are widely discussed regarding their automation potentials in business, politics and society. At first glance, project management (PM) seems to be less suitable for automation due to the inherent uniqueness of projects by definition. However, AI is also creating new application possibilities in the PM area, which will be explored in this contribution by involving an extensive literature review as well as real-world examples. The objective of this article is to provide a current overview of AI approaches and available tools that can be used for automating tasks in business project management.


Artificial intelligence, project management, automation, machine learning, bot


Research paper


The Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM), ISSN: 2325-4688


International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM)


21 May 2019

Accepting Editor:

Meir Russ