Volume 7, 2019: Issue 1

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Blockchain and mortgage lending process: A study of people, process, and technology involved


Azad I. Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA

David T. Smith, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA


Blockchain technology is on the rise and considered to be a revolutionary technology. It has been applied to many domains including personal health records, regulatory investigation, and global supply chain. Applications that may potentially benefit from blockchain technology are those, which involve multiple parties across the different organization, each performing a subset of many steps needed to complete a given transaction and involve different technologies. In addition, security and trust is a major concern. Given this, a good candidate for blockchain technology is mortgage lending. The purpose of this paper is to prepare a model that identifies different elements that are needed when applying blockchain technology in the mortgage origination process. This paper uses a popular framework used in customer relationship management (CRM) that combines three constructs: People, Process and Technology to develop the intended model.


Blockchain, mortgage origination, Digital Ledger Transaction (DLT)


Research paper


The Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM), ISSN: 2325-4688


International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM)


25 May 2019

Accepting Editor:

Meir Russ