Volume 11, 2023: Issue 1

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Cross-country comparison of sustainable e-commerce entrepreneurship impact on sustainable development goals implementation: The case study of Germany and India


Tomasz Waliczko, Technical University of Berlin, Germany


E-commerce plays a significant role in driving global economic growth, and the integration of sustainable practices into business has given rise to the concept of Sustainable E-commerce Entrepreneurship (SEE). As the number of SEE initiatives continues to grow, examining their impact on implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) becomes crucial. This study aims to explore the disparities between German and Indian SEEs regarding their perspectives on SDG implementation. This study presents a unique approach by comparing the viewpoints of e-commerce entrepreneurs in the Indian National Capital Region of New Delhi and the Berlin-Brandenburg Region in Germany regarding SDG implementation through SEE activities. The interviewees from both countries were asked about three key aspects: (1) the current impact of SEE on SDGs implementation, (2) the future impact of SEE on a specific category of SDGs, and (3) whether e-commerce should be seen as a source of global patterns for SDGs implementation or should be tailored to local needs. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to gather data, and the scripted interviews were analyzed with the assistance of ATLAS.ti software. The study collected semi-structured interviews with ten Indian and nine German SEEs. The study’s findings indicate that German SEEs place a greater emphasis on SDGs related to the biosphere compared to their Indian counterparts. This divergence in prioritization aligns with the socio-economic challenges currently faced by Indian society, which influences their focus on social and economic SDGs. Indian SEEs do not foresee significant contributions to improving the biosphere through SEE activities in the future. In contrast, German SEEs demonstrate an idealistic perspective on SDG implementation, with a stronger emphasis on the biosphere category of SDGs.


E-commerce, entrepreneurship, sustainability, SDG, Germany, India




Research paper


The Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM), ISSN: 2325-4688


International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management (IIAKM)


3 February 2023


5 March 2023; 9 May 2023; 30 July 2023


28 August 2023

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Meir Russ