KM Conference 2019, 26 - 29 June 2019

Hosted by the Faculty of Economic Sciences,

Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), Warsaw, Poland

Themes: Knowledge Management, Learning, Information Technology

About Warsaw

Arrival Airports:

  • Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, more commonly referred to as Chopin Airport or Warsaw-Chopin Airport (Airport code: “WAW”), is an international airport located in the Włochy district of Warsaw, Poland. It is located about 20 minutes ride (depends on traffic can be up to 40-50 minutes in congested times) in an Uber, taxi, private transfer, or rental car and about 10 km or ~ 6.3 miles from city’s down town
  • Warsaw Modlin Airport (Airport code: “ WMI”), is located 40 km (25 miles) north of Warsaw’s city centre in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. The airport is used by low-cost carriers serving Warsaw, the capital of Poland. You can take a bus ride (via Lotnisko Modlin - Modlinbus) to Warsaw Centrum Bus Station (~1 hr) or about 40min to 1hr ride in a rental car.

How to Book Transportation from / to Airports

  • Fast City Rail : A rail link connects the Warsaw Chopin Airport railway station (built as part of Terminal A) to the Warsaw city centre. Trains are operating every 15 minutes. There are two operators (SKM & KM). SKM has two lines S2 and S3. They both go to the city center but S3 goes to Warsaw Centralna (the main railway station), while S2 to Warsaw Sródmiescie which is located maybe 300 meters from the main station, but you can only connect to local trains there.
  • The bus : There is a direct bus number 175 to the railway station. This bus used to be called “pickpocket’s bus”, but over last years the security in Warsaw has improved so you should be fine. Also, bus number 188 is good if you need to reach around Regent Hotel (arrives to the city ~1.5km from the hotel). You can buy tickets at the ZTM booth in the arrival hall or in the self service machines.
  • Taxi Service at Warsaw Chopin Airport: You can contact the taxi office as soon as you arrive at the Airport. Multiple taxi companies are available, however, be careful for fake “Taki” or other type of non-approved taxi vendors
  • Uber Service at Warsaw Chopin Airport: You can contact the Uber as soon as you arrive at the Airport (NOTE: be aware that Uber and other non-approved taxi vendors can not operate from the arrival level of the airport. They can still be ordered to the departure level, but be aware that they are NOT allowed to wait for you!)

Warsaw Tourist Information: