Author's Guidelines

Official Language: The language of the KM Conference is English.


  • Describe the proposed or completed study. Limit to one paragraph.
  • Briefly describe the issue, topic or problem that is the basis of the research.
  • Briefly describe why this is an important topic for the KM conference participants.
  • Explain the basis of the study. Limit to two paragraphs.
  • Discuss the implications. Limit to one paragraph.
  • Provide conclusions. Limit to one paragraph. May be combined in a paragraph with implications.
  • Select four to seven keywords that capture the essence of your abstract.
  • References used or cited.

An extended abstract should not exceed one (1) page, single-spaced including heading information and references. All abstracts go through double-blind review by the editorial board of the conference, and those that are accepted for presentation at the conference are published in the refereed conference abstract proceedings.


Length: Papers must NOT exceed 12 pages, single-spaced including tables, figures, references, abstract and keywords list (Appendices not included in page count). Following the double-blind review process for the conference, high-marked papers that will be fast-tracked for publication in the Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management (OJAKM) should be 10-20 pages long. However, the initial submission of a paper is limited to 12 pages.

Abstract: One paragraph (100 - 200 words) in Times New Roman 12-point italics type immediately following the names of the authors.

Keywords: Select four to seven keywords that capture the essence of your paper.

Tables and Figures: The formatting of tables and figures is left largely up to the authors. Tables and figures should be sized and placed within the body of the paper. Care should be taken so that tables and figures are not separated between pages. Generally, tables and figures should be in Times New Roman 9- to 12-point type, and table column headings should be in bold. Graphics should be clearly rendered so as to yield attractive, readable printed copies. ALL GRAPHICS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE PAPER.

References: The current APA formatting guidelines are used to make internal citations within the body as well as provide the complete alphabetic list of reference citations at the end of the paper. The References list contains only works cited in the paper and all works cited in the paper must be listed in the References section. Please refer to for complete APA Reference Style Guidelines.

GENERAL - Abstracts & Full Papers

Column: Place text in one (1) column, full justification.

Paper Size: Letter (8.5’’ x 11’’).

Margins: All four margins (top, bottom, left and right) must be one (1) inch.

Typeface: Must be Times New Roman 12-point type for ALL text.

Headings: Must be in Times New Roman 12-point bold type and centered.

Page Numbers: DO NOT put page numbers at the top or bottom of the pages.

Title: The title must be in Times New Roman 12-point bold type and centered across the top of the page.

Authors: All names should be centered across the page, supplying the name, university affiliation, and e-mail address in Times News Roman 12-point bold italicized type. The e-mail address is to be in lowercase.


Footnotes: NOT permitted.

File Format: All submissions must be in MS Word. Authors may find the required templates under the SUBMIT PAPER/ABSTRACT/PANEL section on the right of this page.


Peer-review is the foundation of the research community. As such, by submitting a paper and/or abstract, all authors and co-authors must agree to serve on the Program Committee (PC) and conduct peer-review of at least three papers/abstracts.